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This man's perversion has regained more notoriety due to a documentary called Surviving R.Kelly which is madly trending on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Kelly is being crucified by the comments online mostly but there are others who support him. The odd thing is an increase in the streaming of his music has spiked…

James Baldwin

My favorite author would have been 94 yesterday. A fellow Leo. A fitting sign for a writer. I adore how this man can make a simple scene complicated yet relatable. I discovered James in my twenties and have been a fan ever since. I must admit I have not read all of his books, in…

Anthony Bourdain

I was shocked to hear of the sad death of Anthony Bourdain from suicide. He was chef turned world traveler journalist. Who on weekends would take us away from the depressing news on CNN to foreign lands introducing us to their foods and culture. He'd eat exotic foods no matter how unthinkable to most of…

The royal wedding

This is a picture of Meghan Markle walking down the aisle, soon to be the wife of Prince Harry and also the Duchess of Sussex. The beam of light that shines on her is I hope a blessing from above. I particularly liked the service which is normally boring but Meghan obviously put her stamp…

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