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I loved Black Panther but…

It was good. I enjoyed it. I loved the undertow of historical and political references which were subtle. It was beautifully filmed with wonderful ethnically influenced costumes, natural hair or even bald heads, as in the red warrior women. The musical score was effective and contributed well to the scenes. Special congratulations are in order…

E. Lynn Harris memoir

Someone recommended this memoir to inspire me to sell books because of E.Lynn selling books from his car, and for me to see his process of marketing. There was very little of that here. His career as an author was like an afterthought in the last couple of chapters of the book. It started on…

Quincy Jones

Mr Quincy Jones, known as Q for short, is a musical genius who is narcissistically aware of his talents. In a recent interview the eighty-five year old did not hold back on his opinions of celebrities, the music business, politics and a global view. He is a prime example of when you get old you don't give a…

Whitney Houston live

I just heard saw this video and this woman gave me goosebumps. I had to share it with you. This was in the beginning of her meteoric rise to fame. Performing as an opening act to the great Luther Vandross. Her talent never ceases to amaze me and finding gems like this is a reminder that she is so missed. I remember when I heard the unfortunate news of her passing I was working the night shift. I couldn't believe it. I came home and started playing her videos on YouTube. What was supposed to be just a video or two turned into hours of viewing, even though I had to be back at work in twelve hours. In viewing her body of work I had no idea that she was that good, which I thought I already knew. It saddens me that we won't hear that voice live again. But instead we have the memories.

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