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12 Reasons Gay Men Don’t Get Sex or Relationships

1.You are too picky. I'm sure you don't look like a supermodel. So why do you insist your mate be perfect? 2.You are hanging with the wrong crowd. Break away from the pack - they could be cockblocking. 3.Stop hanging out in the same bars and clubs. The same folks tend to hang in the same places.…

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods in the news again on the other side of the law, behind bars (temporarily) with this horrible mugshot. The brother has truly fallen from grace in the eyes of the media and maybe his own, but that's probably more to do with his losing streak in golf. Suddenly it was breaking news Tiger Woods…

Janet is Coming to Netflix

Janet Jackson is coming to Netflix or Netflix is coming to her. The newly single mom after having a boy by billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana (that's a mouthful) will kick off a world tour in September. I've heard she's working hard at losing all that baby fat. Now Janet, don't you think this tour…

Serena Williams

Serena Williams and her fiance founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian will hear the patter of baby feet in the coming months. It's a girl. Congratulations to them but Serena, you bad girl, conceiving that baby before marriage.

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