Monthly Archives: June 2020

The Politician

This comedy drama on Netflix is so much fun, I highly recommend it. It's lead is Ben Platt an extremely talented actor, and singer too. The first song he sings will tug at your heart strings. There are two seasons so far and veterans like; Jessica Lange (playing another disturbed character), Judith light, Joe Morton…

Children Of God

This indie movie of forbidden love in the Bahamas surprised me. The dialogue at times poetic. The dance scene between the two male leads was very touching. Being originally from the Caribbean there is much l can identify with here and may have run from.

From Zero To I love You

This movie was beautiful. I'll watch it again. It flows beautifully, good performances especially from secondary characters, wonderful soundtrack. A feel good movie that elevates it from the typical gay romance movie. Check it out.

Christmas Has Changed

She chewed her mashed potatoes, taking small portions as some slipped off her fork onto her untouched turkey slices. She repeated these steps until all the mashed potatoes were gone and a space on the left side of her plate remained. Next, she tackled the turkey. When she was done, she carefully placed her fork…

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