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I can watch The Olympics all day long. Especially track and field. But without an audience it won't be the same. #olympicgames

Billie Holiday

Andra Day gives a raw, powerful and unforgettable portrayal of Billie Holiday. She is Billie. The movie made me feel so sad as she succumbed to her addiction and bad choices in men. Andra's singing was sublime and sometimes the only uplifting parts in this tragic tale of her life. I loved Diana Ross in…

The handmaid’s Tale

I finally finished bingeing on this series that compelled me to watch because it is so good on so many levels. This show took me through a range of emotions even to the point of tearing up several times. It is an amazing show and gripping tv viewing, almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger…

Shattered Rules

Joe sat at the Chippendale antique dining table given to them by his parents as a wedding gift. Scattered on the soiled table cloth was a collection of letters, some carelessly opened. He held in his hands the one that hurt the most. The words now memorized in his mind from reading several times: I will…

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