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Shattered Rules

Joe sat at the Chippendale antique dining table given to them by his parents as a wedding gift. Scattered on the soiled table cloth was a collection of letters, some carelessly opened. He held in his hands the one that hurt the most. The words now memorized in his mind from reading several times: I will…

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman the talented star of Black Panther the movie, died today of stage four colon cancer. He was forty-three years old. He was diagnosed with stage three back in 2016. I knew that he was sick due to the severe weight-loss, the rumor then was that he had sickle cell anemia. A graduate of…


My new novel BOY UNDONE is now officially released. This has been a labor of love. I created this book as a short story in 2003. Many people liked it and thought it should be expanded into a novel because they wanted to know what happens to the main characters. Through many years of upgrades…

Kamala Harris

This is the new Vice President Kamala Harris of America . She is the first black-Asian-American candidate. Mother from India, father from Jamaica. That said, she was not my first choice but I am okay with this pick. In fact, I found myself excited about the choice when it was done because it was turning…

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