Love Is Never Random

The gentle hum of the jet engines, against the clutter and chatter in the kitchen, two rows behind me, took a little getting used to. Gladys, a mature stewardess with a condescending glare, interrupted me for the third time in the last hour. I pretended to ignore her by refusing to remove my headphones, taunting…

Toni Morrison RIP

She is one of our greatest writers. I remember reading her book Song of Solomon when I was very young. I identified with the main character Milkman Dead for some reason. I don't remember why, guess I'd have to reread the book it's been so long. However I do remember one thing and that was…

Project Runway on Bravo

The new show will have to grow on me. Not sure if the new host has enough charisma. Glad that Nina Garcia is back (love her!). Christian is holding back the shade but he'll be fine. As for the designers: Frankie has a lovely personality but should have gone home. That swimsuit was god-awful and…

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