Diana Ross Tribute

Diana Ross was a sensational highlight at the end of the AMA’s. She looked amazing and much younger than her seventy-three years. She was in good voice compared to the lip-syncing singers who’d performed prior. Video excerpts of her four-decade career played in the background while she descended the stairs in a trademark tulle wrap.…

Trevor Noah on The Breakfast Club

To be honest I haven’t paid much attention to Trevor Noah. I didn’t get what the hype was all about when he took over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart. I really didn’t think he was funny. He would get a polite laugh out of me now and then but that was it.

In time he has grown on me. I would catch his show on occasion and to my surprise he made me

Lebron James

Lebron James Los Angeles home was vandalized and the culprits let the word nigger spray painted on the walls. My first thought when I read and heard this story was what's up with your alarm? Or the dogs or the twenty-four-hour security? This is a terrible invasion of privacy for anyone to come home to…

12 Reasons Gay Men Don’t Get Sex or Relationships

1.You are too picky. I'm sure you don't look like a supermodel. So why do you insist your mate be perfect? 2.You are hanging with the wrong crowd. Break away from the pack - they could be cockblocking. 3.Stop hanging out in the same bars and clubs. The same folks tend to hang in the same places.…

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