12 Reasons Gay Men Don’t Get Sex or Relationships

1.You are too picky. I'm sure you don't look like a supermodel. So why do you insist your mate be perfect?

2.You are hanging with the wrong crowd. Break away from the pack - they could be cockblocking.

3.Stop hanging out in the same bars and clubs. The same folks tend to hang in the same places.

4.You aren't being honest with yourself. Come on. You know you really like bottoming. So why are you advertising as a top? You will just frustrate yourself and your potential partner.

5.You aren't as cute as you think. Perhaps a better diet and a modest exercise routine or better fitting clothes would help.

6.You aren't a fabulous as you think. Being trendy works in certain circles but looking too edgy can be a turnoff.

 7.You are too negative. You complain about the food in restaurants.The music at the club is too loud. Or the people at the bar in your opinion are ugly. You say insulting things about people or gossip. Or you throw a forest of shade in public. Avoid this...people are listening and you are turning off potential lovers without even knowing it.

8.You don't have a plan. Being aimless and not having a passion for something is not sexy.

9.You are not as successful as you think. Stop bragging about what you own and how much you earn. Who gives a fuck? And kindness and respect and love are free.

10.Good hygiene and dental care go a long way. And be sure public spaces in your home are neat. Nobody likes a nasty brother.

11.You depend too much on drugs or alcohol to be social. Nobody likes a druggie or alcoholic. Well, let me rephrase that. They will fuck you and use you but not keep you.

12.You are crazy. Don't let unresolved trauma or internalized homophobia hold you back. Seek help from a therapist, social worker or trusted clergyman.

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