Amarosa gets the boot

Ding dong the witch is dead. Apparently dragged by her extensions, kicking, screaming and hurling obscenities from the white house. Amarosa Manigault got the boot and was fired, again, this time by General Kelly, Trumps lapdog. This self-proclaimed minister has never been a pious kind of woman. Like Trump, she thrives on controversy. I have rarely seen an interview where she wasn’t combative. After her firing, in an interview on Good Morning America she said she’d seen things that upset her deeply and offended her people. Now she wants to claim us again after turning her back on us. But she’s not done yet. This woman’s fifteen minutes of fame will not fade away into the sunset. There will be a book telling us of the behind the scenes mess she’s witnessed in the White House. I won’t buy the book but I do want to hear the dirt.

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