Diana Ross Tribute

Diana Ross was a sensational highlight at the end of the AMA’s. She looked amazing and much younger than her seventy-three years. She was in good voice compared to the lip-syncing singers who’d performed prior. Video excerpts of her four-decade career played in the background while she descended the stairs in a trademark tulle wrap. However, I didn’t care for some of the song choices like I’m coming out or Ease on down the road. Hated it! But she delivered them well to the celebrity peppered audience.

She was surrounded by her large family all of them multi-racial excerpt for Rhonda and her son. Am I the only one that was irritated by that little boy’s wild afro and his narcissistic attitude? I know he’s a kid but he got out of control and tried to upstage The Boss.

But back to Ms Ross, whose performance was that of the seasoned veteran that she is. Over the years I’d gotten tired with her complacency but tonight I didn’t find that, even when she closed with her standard anthem Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. It seemed fresh to me or was that in my head.

This was a fitting tribute to a major icon in the music industry and my favorite diva simply because she is the total package. It was wise on her part to perform her own songs instead of having some young singer butcher her songs like Christina Aguilar did to Whitney’s.

I wish for you Ms Ross more years of performing, just know when to hang it up, especially when the voice and body does not reflect the youthfulness of your lyrics, that tend to have the word boy in them a lot. Bravo! Ms Ross.

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