E. Lynn Harris memoir

Someone recommended this memoir to inspire me to sell books because of E.Lynn selling books from his car, and for me to see his process of marketing. There was very little of that here. His career as an author was like an afterthought in the last couple of chapters of the book. It started on a recommendation as opposed to him seeing it as a career initially.
Prior to that was a lot of whining about not having love in his life and when he did find it, before this book was published. He said nothing about his partner but one sentence of them being in a ten year relationship.
It's been years since I've read some of E. Lynn's books and give him much props for being a pioneer in this genre. This memoir read like one of his books. There was a whole of crying, everyone was beautiful, a lot of name dropping of inconsequential people and a lot of drinking that lead to depression and attempted suicides.

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