I loved Black Panther but…

It was good. I enjoyed it. I loved the undertow of historical and political references which were subtle. It was beautifully filmed with wonderful ethnically influenced costumes, natural hair or even bald heads, as in the red warrior women. The musical score was effective and contributed well to the scenes. Special congratulations are in order for the young director Ryan Coogler, who may be a young Steven Spielberg in the making. Now it may be unfair to compare him to Steven, but I do it to show that Ryan has put himself in that class by tackling such a mammoth task, and doing it well enough to come out unscathed. 
This movie is on its way to being probably the biggest super hero movie ever, and with a black cast. This is being considered a first, and I get that. Historically it is, but my experience of watching the movie was that this was the norm. I was watching a movie that was well executed on many levels and with the cast being black was incidental to me. However, I did have the dual feeling of being very proud of all involved in the making of this movie. 
This movie may make some whites uncomfortable. It drops a few references to slavery, the stealing of resources through violence and the manipulation of their beliefs over our ancestors. But it is done in subtle way and does not hit you over the head, which could have interfered with the flow of the film. After all this is a super hero movie not a political one. I did feel uncomfortable though with the ape sounds of M'Baku's tribe and the raising of shoulders in the scene where M'Baku challenges T'Challa at the falls. 
On a negative note. I do feel the movie was over-hyped. It set a very high bar which could lead to disappointment for some. This was not a second coming. I did not walk out the theater feeling as if I was walking on air. Micheal Jordan who played Killmonger expressed these same sentiments. I thought the roles of Angela Basset as Ramonda and Winston Duke as M'baku could have had more to do. While everyone else were stealing scenes, many fail to acknowledge the lead, the black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa. He carried the film with such grace and humility making a comic book character real. I suggest you go and see the movie and experience it yourself. 

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