Lebron James

Lebron James Los Angeles home was vandalized and the culprits let the word nigger spray painted on the walls. My first thought when I read and heard this story was what's up with your alarm? Or the dogs or the twenty-four-hour security? This is a terrible invasion of privacy for anyone to come home to much less a superstar athlete. What concerned me was the example he used to express himself. He spoke of Emmett Till's mom Mamie Till whose son was murdered and brutalized in 1955 at the age of 14 by racists because he allegedly made a pass or flirted with a white woman. His body was so disfigured he had to be identified by a ring on his finger. Ms. Till asked for an open casket so that the world could see the results of racism. Lebron, no one was hurt, disfigured or brutally killed. Everything that was damaged can easily be replaced. I say this to say that your life will go on. Emmett's didn't.

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