Project Runway on Bravo

The new show will have to grow on me. Not sure if the new host has enough charisma. Glad that Nina Garcia is back (love her!). Christian is holding back the shade but he'll be fine.

As for the designers: Frankie has a lovely personality but should have gone home. That swimsuit was god-awful and is she going to cry at the drop of a hat? Even though Cavanaugh is a bitch, I would have liked to see what she had to offer.

Renee Hill should have won this challenge. That gown was FLAWLESS. She may be the one to beat. I question the judges choices in not choosing her instead of that pant suit with those impractical straps that went on forever. The petite Indian boy is pretentious and annoying.

The slightly new concept and judges (except for Nina) may have to grow on me. However, Judge Elaine Welteroth gives really good honest critique. I love the ethnic and age diversity. No one's too old or large to be a Project Runway Winner. I look forward to seeing what these clothes artists will bring to the table in future episodes.

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