Quincy Jones

Mr Quincy Jones, known as Q for short, is a musical genius who is narcissistically aware of his talents. In a recent interview the eighty-five year old did not hold back on his opinions of celebrities, the music business, politics and a global view. He is a prime example of when you get old you don't give a shit. He cusses like a sailor and proudly talks of his sexual exploits. 
His views were very honest about celebrities: Micheal Jackson plagiarizes other peoples music, and the disease excuse for his excessive plastic surgery was bullshit. He claims to know that the mafia killed Kennedy. The Beatles were the worst musicians in the world. Oprah does not have the chops to be President because she has no political experience. Cindy Lauper hated the song We Are the World and he couldn't wait for her to leave. Surprisingly,Tevin Campbell was an artist he felt should have blown up. His lips were sealed about Bill Cosby though, who happens to be a friend. 
One of the most eye opening things he had to say about celebrities was about Marlon Brando. Apparently Brando would fuck anything that moved including James Baldwin, Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye. Now this bit of tea was too much to swallow. His account of dating Ivanka Trump twelve years ago was unbelievable. He may have had dinner with her and liked her legs, but anything more was fantasy or the beginnings of dementia.  
Quincy is a humanitarian and has contributed to causes throughout his very full and checkered life. Racism was a big issue for him. He's seen it rise again to heights he can't believe. This is something he would like to see less of, but Trump has given it a resurgence. He thinks that maybe it's God's way of waking us up to that. He still harbors regrets about his mother, and would like to have been closer to her but unfortunately she met her demise in a mental institution.
He shines when he talks about the music industry he's grown old in. The great artists he was privy to work with, and the musicians, whom I suspect he favored more. He was not kind to Rap music.The continuous use of the same phrases in rap bored him. His opinion of where music is now and heading is dire.  The interview is fascinating and most of the details can be found in his autobiography.

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