The royal wedding

This is a picture of Meghan Markle walking down the aisle, soon to be the wife of Prince Harry and also the Duchess of Sussex. The beam of light that shines on her is I hope a blessing from above. I particularly liked the service which is normally boring but Meghan obviously put her stamp on it as an African American woman. There was much black representation never seen in royal weddings but then there has never been a bi-racial person marrying into blue blood.

Reverend Curry took us to church. I rarely attend church but I would go to hear this man preach. He talked about love. Not just about the royal couple being in love but love on a global level and the good it can bring if we allow it.

There was also a black choir whose heavenly voices vibrated against the walls of that chapel in Windsor castle. The young black nineteen-year-old cellist who kept us captivated as he stroked his cello. There was a nice balance that represented Harry's side of the family, of course, it was formal and more traditional but he comes from a thousand year lineage.

With all the terrible things in the news today this was a welcome break in celebrating love.

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