Seven Seconds

I finally finished binge watching this Netflix one season ten-episode drama. It’s set in New Jersey and follows the death of a young black man in a hit and run by a Policeman. He's encouraged to cover it up by his captain and two other officers.

We then get to see the corrupt NJ judicial system get involved. His prosecutor K.J (a female attorney) and her very able side kick Officer fish (his nickname) have a mammoth task on their hands. Together they try to fight the system and do gain some success for a period of time, against the ugly head of institutional racism.

The show is dark and powerful. The performances are Emmy worthy from Regina king and some of the supporting characters. However, I did have a problem with K.J. She was good but I don't think she fully embraced all the complexities and nuances of this character. I didn't like her being a lush that sang in karaoke bars, totally smashed when she couldn't handle the pressure. Not to mention she was an apparent slut and had slept with a lot of her white coworkers. Her drunkenness in the bars felt inauthentic to me. I would think that someone with this kind of problem is not going to display it in such a public manner especially if you worked for law enforcement.

The other issue I had was with Regina Kings character Latrice (don't you love that name) even though it makes you think about a latrine but I digress. She lost it when her son died and fell deeply into mental instability. Her actions after that point was too over the top for me. She basically left her husband and lived in her car and the streets. I understood she was grieving but really. Of course, these choices for both women was the fault of the writers in my opinion

Seven Seconds is powerful viewing. Of course, it is very relevant to all the cop killings of unarmed young black men in the news over the past few years. It may make you angry yet helpless as cops continue to be acquitted.



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