The handmaid’s Tale

I finally finished bingeing on this series that compelled me to watch because it is so good on so many levels. This show took me through a range of emotions even to the point of tearing up several times. It is an amazing show and gripping tv viewing, almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger wanting you to extend your bingeing.

However, it is very misogynistic. I would love to hear from women who've watched this and how it made them feel. It made me mad at their treatment and also of the bad choices made by the heroine. The series is taken from a book by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood although published in 1986 there are elements of it that we are living through today, like the take over of religion in our politics on the Republican side and them trying to force this country to have the same beliefs.

There is a lot of cruelty in here that the people have to go through from a totalitarian government, yet the spirit to survive and overcome the impossible obstacles are tackled and sometimes defeated with the help of an ally, in this case Canada.

This show is so good they've already approved season 5 and season 4 has yet to come out next year. I can't wait to indulge in this frightening world again to see how they overcome evil and good wins as I know it will.

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