Trevor Noah on The Breakfast Club

To be honest I haven’t paid much attention to Trevor Noah. I didn’t get what the hype was all about when he took over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart. I really didn’t think he was funny. He would get a polite laugh out of me now and then but that was it.

In time he has grown on me. I would catch his show on occasion and to my surprise he made me laugh out loud. I began to see that his humor was more deeply rooted than the average black comedian. Much of it peppered with the news of the day and his experiences growing up in South Africa. Comparing the absurdities of that form of racism to that of living in America.

I recently viewed this video of him being a guest on The Breakfast Club. This was not a show I was familiar with because I’m not a morning person. I had come late to the party because this interview was done eleven months ago.

I was impressed at how he handled himself against the three hosts. He was prepared, without blinking an eye at whatever they threw at him, and believe me some of their questions and comments were ridiculous.

In that interview, Trevor showed himself to be erudite and a deep thinker. Someone who had a vision and had obviously given much thought to the topics they discussed. He was charming and funny and handled himself well against the onslaught thrown at him. I certainly will be tuning in more frequently to The Daily Show. I know this video is long but it’s well worth your time.


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