Why I didn’t like She’s Got To Have It

The new series of She’s Got To Have It didn’t attain the hype with me that it’s been receiving. I thought I would go back and watch the original to compare but I had second thoughts on that. My main issue was that I felt it went nowhere. I don’t think the main character Nola Darling found herself. She was confused throughout the short series.

Nola didn’t like the word freak used to describe her but that was how many men saw her. She wanted to have freedom with her sexuality but got upset when the consequences backfired on her. I’m talking particularly here about the little black dress episode. The actress who played Nola, DeWanda Wise,was not charismatic or mysterious enough to play this role. The weakness in her acting showed when she tried to be drunk. She is a beautiful woman but I found her lacking the depth this character needed. I did not like her and that was more to do with the writing than the actress.

The three men that she used were very different and supposed to satisfy aspects of her. Mars was over the top and fun. Greer was more effeminate than narcissistic and Jamie I liked best of all the three. Because he was more believable and had some very strong scenes.

Some scenes were just too long and made me yawn. Like when she was finding herself in the cemetery. I thought that would never end. I liked the choices of music. Didn’t think it was necessary to show the album cover of each artist after their song was played. The cinematography was good. Certain camera angles were striking. I found Papo, the homeless vet and artist character, pointless.

The last episode when they all got together for Thanksgiving was a huge mistake. It made no sense. The dancing was painful to watch and the ending obscure. That being said, I am glad that Netflix is producing many shows that portray the black experience.


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