Why Oprah should not be POTUS

Oprah has gotten tremendous success as; a radio and TV anchorwoman, talk show host, Network mogul, magazine publisher, author and actress. She should continue to do this instead of considering being Madam President of the United States, because she's created a path very few will attain. Why demolish all of that by entering politics at sixty-three years old with no experience.

We don't need another celebrity as President. One is enough. His example alone should be enough of a deterrent. I understand she may want to save this country from itself, but let someone else do it. He or she exists out there. They just need to be brought to the fore like how Obama emerged out of no where.

The scrutiny into her private life would be severe and unrelenting. Old rumors about Gail and Stedman will find new life. Fake news or not, someone will believe it. Her spiritual beliefs would be severely tested; like sending young men to war to die, for a country that barely notices their service. Nuclear war is even more pressing. A tap of a button would destroy millions of lives and the environment. Who would want that heavy burden.

The duty of putting country first before anything else would raise all forms of guilt. The constant disappointment of an opposing party that's lost its way and whose Christian values are cherry picked. Where environmental concerns are denied, the LGBT community considered deviants, and women still remain second class citizens whose appeal for equality is ignored.

Oprah's heart would be broken by the unfathomable ills she'd be sworn to secrecy too. Ms Winfrey, stay in your lane. Continue to build your network with amazing shows of the caliber of Queen Sugar. Grace the world with your philanthropic gifts. You are our adopted mother from who's teats we suckle for compassion, love, forgiveness and gratitude.

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